Santel Architects works towards removing all boundaries and confines to create successful and responsible solutions for our clients.

Collaborative design that is work-shopped from a mix of client, consultants and our experienced staff works towards client satisfaction. From the top down, Santel Architects ensures that a Director is appointed to each and every project. The Director remains in contact with the client for the duration of the project.

Santel Architects believes that no project is too small or too large and all projects receive an equal amount of time and energy from its staff to ensure that each project is successful.

Communication, compatibility and common purpose summarises our approach to client service. From the earliest possible stage, clear and open communication is essential to any relationship. During our preliminary discussions we seek to understand where our services fit in the overall project – as an advisor, designer, catalyst or manager. Once we have a sound understanding of your needs, focus and timetable, we allocate members of the Santel team with the most relevant experience and the most likely affinity with the project. As the project progresses we continue to maintain our focus on achieving the overall solution you are seeking whilst maintaining a level of attention to detail few others have the controls, management systems and quality assurance standards to match.

As team leaders, we bring together experts in structural, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other engineering specialities, planning and coordinating their activities on your behalf. Whilst this may sound fairly straightforward, the realities of development can challenge the best systems or business controls. It is here where the importance of positive communication and client service make a real difference. This is why we place as much emphasis on coordination and communication as we do on the development of a totally appropriate and advanced architectural solution.

A public plaza can become a focal point of community life and an important part of the city’s urban fabric. Retail enriches the community experience. The right mix and offering of shops, restaurants and leisure experiences can draw the community by offering an alluring combination to an urban destination. Public spaces create places in which people meet and mingle.

Santel is a knowledge based firm serving an idea driven industry. We collaborate with our clients to create dynamic destinations with a striking sense of place and individuality. Santel specialises in integrated planning, architectural and creative services across the full development cycle.

Retail today is something that leads the consumer to stop, look and linger – and keep coming back. A link between people, a community focal point, a bridge between life and lifestyle.  Retail design that incorporates creative space programming, imaginative merchandising approaches, compelling environmental graphics.

Retail centres of today are smarter, more community focused places that embrace smart growth and urban style living, favouring the convenience and vibrancy of urban life.

Santel Architects